Shipping Instructions

Shipping Instructions

1. Labeling and Documents

Q: How should I label my spirits for shipping?

A: Clearly label each box of spirits using the official Competition Label, which can be downloaded from the 'My Submission labels' section in 'My account.' Place one copy inside the box as well. Your reference number is crucial for the USR team to identify your shipment. Failure to include these labels may result in your samples not being accepted at the USR warehouse.

Q: Is USA Spirits Ratings responsible for tracking the shipping of my spirits?

A: No, USA Spirits Ratings is not responsible for tracking your shipment. Please ensure everything is in order before sending your spirits.

2. Shipping Address and No of Bottles Per Entry

The address is mentioned on the Submission Label when you login to website and under Submission Label. Please stick on the box when shipping. 2 bottles of 700ml and more, 3 bottles if 500ml.

Q: When will I receive the delivery address?

A: The delivery address is in the Submission Label that will be active after successfull payment. The delivery address is in San Jose,CA.

Q: How many bottles do I need to ship per entry?

A: Ship a minimum of 2 bottles of 750ml each to the mentioned warehouse address. Ensure to use the official USR shipping labels for sending samples.

Q: What is the goods receiving time at the warehouse?

A: Monday - Thursday: 7 AM to 4 PM and Friday: 7 AM to 12 PM (PST Timezone)

Q: What happens if my Spirits arrive after the deadline date?

A: Spirits arriving after the deadline will not be accepted, and refunds will not be issued.

3. Instructions If Shipping From Outside The U.S.

Q: How do I clear my shipment through U.S. Customs when shipping from outside the U.S.?

A: Use your own importer or agent to clear your shipment through U.S. Customs. If you don't have an importer, contact us for our partner importer who can assist with COLA waiver and FDA Permit approval (Additional Cost will apply). We hold no responsibility in delays in waivers.

Q: What if I ship without COLA or an Importer and the samples get stuck in customs?

A: If shipped without COLA or an importer and samples get stuck in customs, the shipper is responsible for managing missing documents, duties, and more. Additional charges may apply for assistance from our partner importer.

4. Import License, Declaration & Duty

Q: Who is responsible for duty, shipping costs, and taxes?

A: The submitter must prepay all duty, shipping costs, and taxes. Spirits must be Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). Any penalty and additional cost from non-compliance with declaration requirements will be borne by the submitter. International Particpant, please ensure if you have used our Partner Importe service, to not ship via DHL or Local Postal Service due to liscencing issue with them and delays are observed.

5. Do I Need To Insure My Spirits?

Q: Is there insurance for spirits in transit?

A: USR and its logistic partner do not take responsibility for damaged or lost spirits during transit. Submitters are advised to secure their own insurance.

6. What if I miss the Shipping Deadlines?

Q: What happens if I miss the shipping deadlines?

A: If you miss the shipping deadlines, your registration will not be considered for judging, and no refund will be initiated. Delays caused by couriers and customs will not be accounted for, so please ship in advance.