Distilleries That Are Making Top Bourbon Whiskeys

27/12/2020 If you are a bar owner, restaurant owner, or a spirits distributor looking to source new bourbon whiskey brands, here are the distilleries that are making top bourbon whiskeys.

Bourbon whiskey production has increased by more than 100% in the last few years. America’s only native spirit bourbon whiskey is all time favorite for many whiskey-lovers. If you are a bar owner, restaurant owner, or a spirits distributor looking to source new bourbon whiskey brands, here are the distilleries that are making top bourbon whiskey.

  1. Devils River Whiskey

The Devils River Whiskey is located in the heart of downtown San Antonio. It is only one block away from the Alamo and the San Antonio River Walk. Their whiskey’s bold and unique flavor is through the pure limestone-filtered water source that feeds the Devils River. The Devils River Whiskey is the maker of the award-winning, wonderful bourbon, rye, barrel strength, and coffee bourbon whiskeys. One of them, Devils River Bourbon Whiskey has won 18 medals, 8 of which are gold. It was also awarded with a gold medal at the 2019 USA Spirits Ratings where it scored 91 points. The Devils River Bourbon is a high-rye whiskey with less corn and doubled on the rye. This bourbon has that wonderful ‘bite’ that high-rye whiskeys are celebrated for. In the mouth, it gives a bold start followed by medley of oak, honey, and caramel that lead to a warm and sweet sinfully smooth finish.

  1. Coppercraft Distillery

The Coppercraft Distillery is a tribute to the American Craftsman. Built upon Michigan’s legacy of high-quality craftsmanship, they artfully distill, source, and blend the finest ingredients to craft premium spirits. They have received many accolades from various professional competitions and events. Their Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a gold medal winner at the 2019 USA Spirits Ratings. It’s a blend of 4+ year old and 11+ year old sourced bourbons. It has a rich and smooth flavor. It can be used in a various cocktail recipes. View the recipes here.

  1. 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co.

The 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company is Vail, Colorado’s premier distillery. They craft spirits from locally sourced ingredients in the name of the mountain lifestyle that was influenced by the original 10th Mountain soldiers. Look for their bourbon whiskey to put up on your menu. It’s an award-winning (gold medal winner at the 2019 USA Spirits Ratings) bourbon with medium sweet nose. Its nose characterizes the hints of vanilla and oak, and a hint of honey. It is smooth and medium-bodied on the palate. You will find the notes of toasted nut when you sip it. The finish is sweet, medium-long, with a note of vanilla.

  1. Distillers Way

The Distillers Way produces custom house brand spirits for both on- and off-premise retailers. They have a flexible production facility which allows meeting up the requirements of restaurant groups, grocery store chains, hotel properties, liquor stores, and other spirits retailers. They have a wide variety of quality spirits available, whether you are looking for a standard product or an ultra-premium product. Doc Swinson’s Straight Bourbon whiskey from the Distillers Way is award-winning bourbon. It received a silver medal at the 2019 USA Spirits Ratings.


  1. Republic Restoratives

The Republic Restoratives is a small-batch, women-owned distillery and craft cocktail bar in the heart of Washington, DC. They make Civic vodka, Rodham Rye, Borough Bourbon, and Chapmans Apple Brandy. From these, Borough Bourbon received a silver medal at the 2019 USA Spirits Ratings. Its Republic Restoratives’ limited series of straight bourbons finished in rare casks. On sipping, you will find the hints of honey, marzipan, vanilla, and warm leather.

  1. Heritage Distilling Co.

The Heritage Distilling Company (HDC) is the most awarded craft distillery in North America. They produce vodkas, gins, and whiskeys. They also have tasting rooms in Washington and Oregon including Gig Harbor, Roslyn and Seattle. Check out their BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon. It tastes both sweet and indulgent, featuring strong notes of cinnamon and brown sugar that create classic whiskey warmth.

  1. Triple Sun Spirits Company

The Triple Sun Spirits Company was founded in 2016 by Kristofer Kwant. They craft ultra-premium spirits, and more than that, they craft a brighter and more sustainable future. Pennsylvania Straight Bourbon Limited from Triple Sun Spirits Company is a medal-winner at the 2019 USA Spirits Ratings. Here, they also take wholesale inquiries on their website.

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