The Unboring Cocktails From Los Angeles

21/07/2018 Dragos Cantina want you spend time with your friends and family and leave the cocktail mixing to them.

It all started on a sunny afternoon with multiple ingredients and multiple shopping trips to make the perfect margarita when the cocktail light went off.  Mina- founder loves tequila and margaritas but she thought who has the patience to sip tequila and who has the time to schlep around multiple ingredients?

So what’s a girl from Jalisco supposed to do?  Yes, drop the perfect combo –  great tasting, authentic, craft, ready to drink margaritas made with 100% blue agave tequila blanco in a super convenient package.  Here at DRAGOS CANTINA, they mix and match seasonal flavours, triple sec, pure cane sugar, blend them to perfection and bam, there you go – simple, yet refined and delicious cocktails.

Authentic flavours packed in a mini cantina with all of the convenience and none of the hassle. The top flap opens to a pairing salt complimentary to the flavour of the margarita. The cucumber jalapeno comes with a chilli lime rimming salt. Their blood orange comes with a black Hawaiian volcanic rimming salt.

SMOKED BLOOD ORANGE + GRAPEFRUIT: A little bit of Italian meets Mexican. Cool and a little complicated with a smoked ting and varying notes of blood orange, grapefruit, citrus and triple sec.  Mixed with blanco premium tequila and garnished with Hawaiian black volcanic salt.

CUCUMBER JALAPEÑO: A flavour synonymous with the beach, fun and the sun in Mexico. They bring you a refreshing, vibrant and mildly spicy (not hot just a hint of spice) margarita with blanco premium tequila, natural lime, cucumber and a splash of jalapeno garnished with a chilli lime salt.

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