The place to be for a spirit brands : USA Spirit Rating 2022

26/07/2022 The esteemed panel of judges evaluated more than 800 different spirits from across the globe with some new names and some good old favourites.

This year’s panel included some of the country’s top talent, bartenders and spirit buyers that spent all day sniffing, swirling and spitting their way through the entrants. Michael Bowles, Sake Buyer at Wally's Fine Wine, Spirits & Gourmet Market, Shirley Brooks, Bartender at Madrone Art Bar, Clay Coleman, Beverage Supervisor at Bon Appétit Management Company are just some names that were present on site. 

Now in its fifth year, this annual competition promises to rate the very best spirits from around the globe, not only on the flavour and quality of the liquid in the bottle or can, but also on their presentation, packaging, and sheer marketability to evaluate if the brand is actually appealing and affordable to USA drinkers.

USA Spirit Ratings aims to focus on the consumer mindset instead of just assessing the liquid in the bottle. It also acts as a key to responsible buying -  be it for a pub chain, a restaurant, a bar or a retailer. 

USA Spirits Ratings

The judging process, which took place this week in South San Francisco saw the judges initially assessing the spirits for their quality and how agreeable they consider them to be to their target consumer, based on appearance, aroma, taste, body and aftertaste.

Value for money is the second consideration, with assessment on how well priced a particular spirit is and what value it offers the consumer. The greater the quality offered for the price, the higher the score given.


Packaging and design are the third elements in the mix, where the judges consider how well the spirit will be perceived by the consumer. The packaging was weighed up according to factors such as label design and information, closure and the overall look and how the product will be perceived when jostling for space on a shelf alongside numerous other brands.

To be awarded a gold medal, entrants need to score 90 points or higher, while a spirit scoring of between 76 – 89 would be awarded a Silver. Bronze, meanwhile, goes to those entrants scoring between 65 – 75 points.

The winners of the USA Spirit Ratings will be announced on August 18, 2022.

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