Best Bars in NYC to Celebrate National Tequila Day

23/07/2018 Looking for a nice restaurant or a bar to celebrate the National Tequila Day? Here is the list of top-notch tequila serving, worth-visiting bars for you.

There is one more chance to celebrate after the Independence Day of USA. It is National Tequila Day. To enjoy this occasion, we have several best bars in NYC where you can find the best of tequila.

Agave – Restaurant and Tequila Bar

Agave is the bustling West Village Mexican favourite restaurant and tequila bar in Manhattan, New York. At the first glance, you may misunderstand this bar because of its fancy white tablecloths. With more than 80 disparate types of tequila, the crowd here gets a little insane. Spending time here is always fun.


Angelo Sosa, a cocksure culinary artist from season 7 of Top Chef, is the owner of Anejo. He is the key person behind the success of Hell’s Kitchen restaurant and tequila speciality bar. In 2012, the margaritas of Anejo were rated best in the city by Village Voice and they have only grown in reputation.

Bar Lunatico

Bar Lunatico is a cosy place where crafty cocktails and music meet. While many NYC sites dedicated to their craft have been closed, this cocktail bar has symbolized the efforts to attain back its place. The cocktail menu at Lunatico includes a drinks selection categorized by connoisseur like concerns such as shaken and rocks, shaken and up, effervescent, etc.

Bar San Miguel

San Miguel bar has been decorated by pieces originally source from south of the border. It is Carroll Garden’s home for credible Mexican food and drinks. Apart from the menu of Mexican and Tex-Mex favourites, this bar shows a deep-dedication for agave spirits with more than 200 tequila and mezcals.

Barrio Chino

Barrio Chino is a cosy place for Mexican food, Asian-style decoration and a long list of tequila. There is no special sign marking this bar but you will know that you have arrived by the crowd of people on every seat of the bar. Most drinks at Barrio Chino are infused with fruit juices made fresh every day.

Botanic Lab

Botanic Lab, the downtown restaurant’s downstairs lounge space, has reopened with a new focus on mixology and innovative cocktails. Miguel Aranda, a popular mixologist, has joined this cocktail lounge. Botanical Lab has a plentiful selection of spices and fresh local herbs, salt varietals, homemade bitters and teas from all around the world.

Los Feliz Taqueria

Los Feliz is located in the heart of the Lower East Side. This old-world café with images of modern Mexico carved into the walls is the gateway to the subterranean labyrinth of defending chambers lit by early 20th century sconces.  This bar serves a wide variety of tequila and mezcals. Jalapeno margarita is worth the try as you enjoy the music in the bar.

Surprise! Here is a bonus list of some of the tequila to try out.

UWA Tequila Reposado

UWA’s Reposado is the first tequila that is aged in Speyside single malt whisky casks. It is aged for seven months in premium casks. This tequila has a sweet honey and caramel taste. Its oaky finish comes from its time in the handpicked casks. You can sip this tequila directly or serve it with cocktails.

UWA Tequila Platinum Blanco

Platinum Blanco is the tequila in its most perfect and natural form. It is punchy and spicy. Its real earthy flavour comes from the Lowland Blue Weber Agave used in this tequila. You can directly serve it over ice or in a cocktail.

Don Alvaro Blanco

Don Alvaro Blanco is a bright and crystal coloured. This white tequila is made with an artisanal procedure which makes it perfect for the fine, refined and demanding palates. Its fresh aroma and the excellent flavour is must to try on this National Tequila Day.

Don Alvaro Aged

This Don Alvaro is one of the smoothest tequilas because of its five-years of ageing in white oak barrels. This tequila has a gold appearance and complex flavour with strong notes of oak which makes this one of the finest tequilas in the world.

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